About us


Willems is fully geared towards producing high-performance steel constructions, based on a well thought out mix of locations, capacities and facilities. This enables us to create a flexible production process offering considerable capacity, quick response and fast delivery times of high quality products to the various markets. The ability to spread the work over the facilities of Smulders (Iemants, Willems, Smulders Projects and Spomasz) allows us to provide our clients with excellent service. 

In Balen, Willems has an industrial site which spans more than 34.5 acres as well as a production area of 30,000 m² equipped with the latest machinery, including its own blast cabinets and spray rooms. 

The highly professional and well-equipped plant is designed to provide maximum efficiency in terms of internal logistics. Thanks to an abundance of space and a hoisting capacity of up to 150 ton, handling large and heavy components is never a problem. Everything is controlled and operated by employees who took the necessary training and have the required qualifications in terms of skills as well as safety.

Willems' location on the Dessel-Kwaadmechelen canal is ideal for the transportation of extreme loads. Via the Albert Canal, Willems has direct access to the Port of Antwerp, and the whole world can be supplied from there.